Supply Chain Issues Impacting the International Moving Industry


The IAM has published a White Paper and produced a video on the subject that will be circulated to governmental regulatory bodies, industry stakeholders and customers.

The intent is to expound on the wide-ranging impacts of this global crisis on the moving industry and its corporate, government, and private moving services consumers. It is IAM’s hope that this study will lead all parties to a better understanding of the problem and promote a collaborative environment where key players can find answers and solutions to this complex issue.

Both the White Paper and Video are available for you to download and use.  You can also copy this link: to direct your industry colleagues and customers to this page.  

The IAMX Resource Page on this subject is available.  This is an effective way to share the information with your customers and colleagues:

Join the discussion forum and let us know how you are affected and how the IAM can help.


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