EASY & ESSENTIAL MOVING TIPS for House Packing and Moving

Looking to relocate? At Marshall Packers & Movers , we proudly offer a series of services to home and business owners throughout Islamabad, Pakistan. If you need advice before you get started, we invite you to check out our moving tips. These commercial and residential moving tips will make any relocation easy.

Commercial & Residential Moving Tips

Whether you’re planning on moving down the street or across the country, our goal is to save you time, money, and aggravation. With our moving tips, it will be easier than ever to relocate an office or an entire household. If you are packing your own goods, we recommend following these tips:

  • Make sure that all breakables are packed with the proper material. These materials will secure the glass and fragile items from breakage.
  • Use small boxes for any glass, most kitchen items, and books.
  • Use medium boxes for stereo equipment and other related items.
  • Use large boxes for blankets, clothes that are not on hangers, lampshades, and speakers.
  • Special picture and mirror boxes are for glass coffee, end, and sofa tabletops, dresser mirrors, free standing mirrors, wall mirrors, and pictures.
  • For hanging clothes, use wardrobe boxes – you can also put shoes in the bottom of these.
  • Bags can come in handy for pillows of any kind.
  • Computer equipment, such as printers, faxes, copiers, and computers will be moved only if you have the original boxes.
  • They are fragile, and if they are not packed properly in the original packaging then our insurance will not cover these items.
  • If there is a swing set, basketball goal, hot tub, or space involved, we ask that you have these items prepared to move.
  • All dressers and chest drawers need to be boxed if you are moving outside of Houston.
  • All file cabinets and desks need to be empty.
  • Plants are not insured. If you would like us to take them, please water 3 days before and place in an open box.
  • No flammables can be loaded onto our truck(s). Please check for these items before packing them.
  • Yard and garden tools should be in a box or large trash can.
  • If you have any non-replaceable items, please take them in your vehicle.
  • When moving with Marshall Movers, we have furniture pads, 2 and 4 wheel dollies, ramps, and everything it will take to get you moved safely.
  • Helpful Commercial Moving Tips
    Whether you are transporting a large business or small store, we are happy to help you. Commercial and office moves go smoothly if planned in advance. For these jobs, we suggest the following:
  • All file cabinets need to be empty.
  • All desks, open shelving, and bookcases must be empty.
  • All boxes need to be sealed with tape.
  • All office works inventory, including desk, boxes, cadenza, file cabinets, printer stands, chairs, and chair mats need to be marked.
  • All computer equipment, printers, copiers, faxes, and telephones need to be properly boxed by customer. Please
  • remove toner from copier(s), printer(s) & fax machine(s).
    At all times a supervisor needs to be at the old and/or new location.
  • Microwaves and refrigerators need to be completely empty.
  • Pictures and other wall hangings need to be boxed.
  • Plants need to be watered 2 days before the move.
  • All flammables need to be carried over by the individual it belongs to.
  • Books should be packed in small boxes only.
  • File folders should be packed in small to medium boxes only
    Misc. office supplies and other lightweight items should be
  • packed in medium to large boxes.
  • In case this move continues over the normal business hours, please let security know that Marshall Movers will be in the building.

Contact our company to use our moving tips during your relocation services. Our commercial and residential moving tips are designed for each of our clients throughout  Pakistan.