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FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations ​invites ​its members ​to the ​2023 ​HQ Meeting titled ’Navigating Uncertainty’. ​

​The ​event ​will ​be ​held ​in Geneva, Switzerland ​on 18-21 March ​2023 ​at the CICG – The International Conference Centre Geneva, with the Extended Board Meeting taking place in the morning on Wednesday 22 March. Please note a Welcome Cocktail will be organised on the evening of Friday 17 March 2023.

More information about the programme, such as the HQ Meeting venue, the registration process, registration cost, accompanying persons programme, visa letter and accommodation suggestions can be found below.

FIATA members meet in person at least twice a year at the FIATA HQ Meeting and the FIATA World Congress. These face-to-face meetings strengthen the bond between the members of the FIATA community and for this new edition of the FIATA HQ Meeting, the Presidency wishes to welcome as many participants as possible in Geneva, the FIATA headquarters city. If a FIATA member is prevented from attending the event in-person due to force majeure, it is advised to contact the FIATA Events team at [email protected] for individual assistance. Please note that registration to the FIATA HQ Meeting is open until Sunday 5 March 2023 inclusive.

Should you have any questions regarding this event, please reach out to the FIATA Events team.


The FIATA HQ Meeting will officially commence at 09:00 CET, Saturday 18 March 2023, and finish at 17:30 CET, Tuesday 21 March 2023, for all delegates, except for Extended Board Members who will attend the Extended Board meeting in the morning of Wednesday 22 March 2023.

Please also note that FIATA will organise a welcome cocktail, where there will be a registration desk for the event, in the afternoon of Friday 17 March 2023. The exact location of the welcome cocktail will be disclosed in the weeks to come.

A preliminary version of the programme is already available here.


Disruptions in supply chains have revealed the vulnerability of freight-forwarding and logistics companies. The COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, rising energy costs, and other climatic disasters illustrate the extent of the challenge and the consequences for global supply chains and sustainable development. These challenges underscore the need to build resilience, particularly in the most vulnerable economies. In this context, ‘Navigating Uncertainty’ will be the theme for the 2023 HQ Meeting. 

To support Association and Individual Members cope with the new challenges, FIATA will work towards providing tools to promote resilient logistics in the face of disruptions at the 2023 FIATA HQ Meeting.

HQ Meeting Venue

FIATA HQ meeting will be held at the CICG on floor 0 and 1. Signage throughout the venue will direct delegates to the different sessions.


FIATA has negotiated special rates with the Manotel network, which offers a selection of six hotels in Geneva from 3 to 5 stars near the HQ meeting venue (CICG) and the welcome cocktail (Hôtel Royal Genève). In-person Members delegates are encouraged to book their accommodation through the following link.

Please note that Hotel Edelweiss is the furthest away from the HQ meeting venue (20 min by bus and walk). Whereas it is quicker to get to the HQ meeting venue from Hotel Royal Genève (15 minutes by bus).


Registration for attending delegates to the event is mandatory and the registration fee of CHF360 applies for in-person delegates as a participation to Food and Beverages costs during the whole HQ Meeting.

To start your registration for the event, click this link. Registration takes between 5 to 10 minutes. It is recommended to have booked your transport to travel to Geneva to complete your registration. At this stage, note that it is possible to register several delegates from the same Association or Individual Member, simply make sure to enter the information of all attending delegates accordingly.

Registration to FIATA HQ meeting is open until Sunday 5 March 2023 inclusive.

Once your registration is complete, you will receive an invoice by email for payment via the FIATA dedicated payment platform. In all cases, participation in the HQ Meeting is subject to payment and receipt of registration fees by Friday 10 March 2023.

Additionally, participation fees for all activities in the Accompanying Persons Programme are due by Friday 3 March.



Please note that refund requests are eligible up to Tuesday 28 February. After this date, no refund request will be considered as FIATA will be liable for incurred costs.

Exception: Participants who have been denied their VISA application have up to Tuesday 7 March to ask for a refund.

Travelling to Geneva in COVID times

For more information about COVID travel restrictions, please check the Federal Office of Public Health website for information on entering Switzerland from abroad. Please make sure to regularly check this website in case the situation evolves over the coming weeks.

For information, to see what rules apply to your own particular situation when entering Switzerland, consult the online tool Travelcheck created by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health.


Visa letter

For delegates who need a visa letter to attend the FIATA HQ Meeting, please make sure to provide all requested information in the registration process. FIATA recommends initiating the visa request process the soonest possible as the process can prove to be lengthy. FIATA will support applications to its best efforts.


Accompanying Persons Programme

New this year: the organisation of a special Accompanying Persons programme, taking place from Friday 17 March to Tuesday 21 March, at their expense.

For Friday 17 March, FIATA HQ has organised a full day trip in Chamonix for Accompanying Persons to discover the wonders of the mountainous French Alps at the price of CHF249 per person. Participants to the HQ Meeting are also invited to register to this day, should they wish so, as it will take place the day before the official opening of the congress.

On Saturday, 18 March, FIATA has organised a special trip to the ‘Village‘ outlet near Lyon at the cost of CHF129 per person.

On Monday 20 March, Accompanying Persons are offered the possibility to visit the UN Headquarters in Geneva, at the price of CHF15 per person.

On Tuesday 21 March, Accompanying Persons can visit the Red Cross Museum at the cost of CHF16 per person.

Attending all above-mentioned activities costs in total CHF409.

Registrations to these special activities shall be done through the HQ Meeting official registration platform.

As usual, Accompanying Persons will be invited to attend all HQ evening social events: the Welcome Cocktail on Friday 17 March and the Partners’ and Sponsors’ night on Monday 20 March.


Transport in Geneva

The Geneva public transport system is quite efficient and diversified: buses, trams, trains, and yellow taxi-boats on the lake are available.

By staying in a hotel, you are entitled to receive a personal and non-transferable Geneva Transport Card for free, which will allow you to use the whole public transportation system of Geneva for the length of your stay for free. Just ask for it upon arrival at the hotel reception.

Transport – from the airport to your hotel

If you decide to book your accommodation through one of the recommended Manotel hotels, look for the train station at the airport, get off at Geneva Cornavin, and you will be a 10 min walk away from your hotel.

Transport – from your hotel to the HQ meeting venue

If you decide to book your accommodation through one of the recommended Manotel hotels, please note that all these hotels are within a 20-minute range via walk and bus from the HQ Meeting venue. You will be a five-minute walk away from the closest bus stop to travel to the HQ Meeting venue. To travel to the HQ Meeting venue, hop on line 15 (brown signage), “Môle” stop for Royal, Auteuil, and Kipling Hotels and hop on line 15Butini” stop for N’VY and Jade hotels and get off at the “College Sismondi” bus stop for a five-minute walk to access the HQ Meeting venue).

Transport – from your hotel to the welcome cocktail

If you decide to book your accommodation through one of the recommended Manotel hotels, please note that all these hotels are within a 5–10-minute walk to the welcome cocktail venue.

Transport – from the HQ meeting venue to the airport

To get from the HQ Meeting venue to the airport, it is easiest to take the bus.

The bus stop is just around the corner from the venue (click here to check itinerary) and hop on line 5 (light blue signage), “Varembé” stop, and get off at Geneva airport.


Health regulations

It is imperative that you familiarise yourself with the health regulations of Switzerland and any other country through which you may travel. We urge FIATA Members to verify that their travel insurance includes COVID-related coverage for health care, travel, and other related matters.


Weather forecast

The weather in Geneva in March is very cold with temperatures between -1°C and 11°C; warm clothes are a must.

You can expect rain for roughly half of the month of March in Geneva. We’re expecting roughly 8 to 15 days of rain, so your rubber boots and umbrella are going to see plenty of use this month if you’re keen on staying dry.

You can expect a few days of snow in Geneva during March. It’s important to get out your winter boots and warm mittens to stay warm should you expect to explore Geneva and its surrounding.


Dress Code

For the FIATA HQ Meeting, it is recommended that you wear clothing and shoes that make you feel comfortable as you will be sitting the entire day of the conference. It should be layered, allowing you to dress up or down as room temperatures can vary.


Travel adaptor

It is recommended to pack a travel adaptor plug. It is important to note that it does not convert the voltage or frequency. For Switzerland, there are two associated plug types, types C and J. Plug type C is the plug that has two round pins and plug type J is the plug that has three round pins. Switzerland operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz.


COVID Disclaimer

FIATA is committed to offering a safe environment to all attendees and relies on the participating delegates to practice safe behaviour during the event, such as social distancing and other community or personal requirements, in order to mitigate any spread of a communicable infection including COVID-19. Moreover, please note that FIATA will provide hand sanitisers in several locations at the HQ Meeting venue.

Should the COVID situation change in the period prior to the event, FIATA may revisit this policy.

 In the event of a COVID situation that would prevent FIATA from holding the event as planned, FIATA would organise a virtual HQ event at the same initial dates.


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