Our Customers


We cater to, or from, Small/Medium Scale Industries to Large/Mega Enterprises

Petroleum Companies

Urgent air-shipments of vital additives and compounds to moving big rigs around the world, Marshall Packers and Movers serves this vital industry on time.

Power Plants and Telecommunication Projects

Care is the key for transporting valuable panels, switches, relays or heavy plant equipment to the energy and communication sectors.

Military Projects

In serving the armed forces, we move anything from large tanks to microchips whether oversized equipment or armed forces documentation, trust in Marshall Packers and Movers

Diplomatic Missions

Widely traveled and carrying rich traditions and cultures from all over the world, Diplomats are representatives of nations. The best in courtesy and precision is what we observe as Marshall Packers and Movers is the first and the last representatives of Egypt that they meet on their local tour of duty.

USAID projects

USAID has been striving to provide that extra necessity, that much needed medication, that vital technology and FSI provides a vital link. We give USAID express clearance, seamless integration into the individual requirements of each project, and meet their required time limit that has underlined our 25 years of service to this esteemed organization.

Personnel Movement

Household goods forwarding for the members employed by the above multi-national entities is our specialty and we take great pride, care and safety in moving them into and out of Egypt. Whether we are your destination or origin on your next assignment abroad, trust in Marshall Packers and Movers as your pyramid to success.