New Webinar: IAM Roundtable Discussion on the U.S. DoD Stop Movement Order–What it Means to the Global Moving Industry


March 26, 2020

This webinar, available now on IAM Learning, is a recording of a discussion panel with industry leaders and your peers that explores a topic of paramount importance – the U.S. DoD decision to halt all moves worldwide. This decision will have significant ramifications, and we want you to hear the whole story.

After you have watched the webinar, we invite you to give us your feedback on how it affects you and your business. This roundtable was led by Chuck White, IAM President, with the following participants:

  • Rick Marsh, Director, USTC J9 Defense Personal Property Program
  • Tim Helenthal, President and CEO of National Van Lines; Chair of the International Association of Movers
  • JD Morrissette, President of Interstate Van Lines
  • Daniel Bradley, IAM Director of Government and Military Relations

IAM has recorded the broadcast for the benefit of our member companies and the industry as a whole.

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