Matthieu Odijk Joins IAM Membership & Programs Committee


January 23, 2020

Matthieu Odijk is a 39 year old Director of Business development at MF Interlogistics, Denmark’s up and coming moving company, with 15 years’ experience in the moving industry with an educational background in facility management. Matthieu is married and found his partner at one of the well-known conferences and has 2 kids at the age of 1,5 and almost 6,  who have appeared in many of his social media postings.

He began his career at Voerman International learning the tricks of the trade from familiar industry names as Ed van Bodegraven and Wiebe van Bockel. Starting with moving, coordinating files, surveying, providing relocation support and later developing accounts, Matthieu saw all facets of this diverse industry.

Matthieu got offered the position of Director of Moving services at Aspire Mobility back in 2015 in the home country of his partner and moved from the Netherlands to Denmark.
In 2019 the opportunity came along to join forces with the largest subcontractor in Denmark MF interlogistics.  With the existing operational set up and expertise, Matthieu saw it as a great chance not only to be being the subcontractor by the well-known names in Scandinavia but also and foremost becoming a partner and developing an own company instead of working for a boss.

In his rare spare time Matthieu enjoys following the Dutch football team Feyenoord as well as kicking a ball or 2 himself sometimes. With the other hobby of food and wine the occasional training and matches are more of a necessity rather than luxury.


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