IAM to Host a Virtual Round Table Panel Discussion: COVID-19 Response – A Government – Industry Partnership


April 10, 2020

On 15 April, at 3pm EDT, IAM President, Chuck White, will host a round table discussion: “COVID-19 Response: A Government – Industry Partnership.”  More than 100 extra seats have been added to accommodate a larger-than-anticipated audience.  There will be no charge but you must be registered to attend.


Participants in the round table discussion include all of the U.S. Government’s largest household goods movers: Rick Marsh of USTC J9; Julie Blanford from GSA; and Charles Olden from Department of State.


We are soliciting your questions and comments for our panel members.  Please take a second to submit your questions now, so our moderator (Chuck White) can make sure the hottest topics are discussed.


Send your proposed questions or concerns to daniel.bradley@iamovers.org.  Let us know if you prefer your question not be attributed to you or your company, and we’ll ensure it remains confidential.


We’ll publish a Live Event Page so you can sign up to participate.  Details on signing up will be out shortly.

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