How expats have dealt with the coronavirus outbreak


One of the first decisions for many was whether to stay or go, and people made different decisions for different reasons. For example, Michelle, a Danish national was expecting a child with her German partner – and had to choose which country she would stay in for the immediate future. Free, high-quality German healthcare was one of the factors that led her decision – but, like many expats, she misses the freedom to move freely between countries.

One common experience is the need to decide quickly. Many expats waited too long – either because of stubbornness or bad advice – and found themselves in difficult situations.

For example, it is quite common for some expats to do ‘visa runs’ once in a while, when they leave the country briefly in order to renew their visas. During the pandemic, governments have clamped down on such practices. Daniel, an American expat living and working in Myanmar, was very nearly unable to get back in.


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