GSA COVID-19 Impacts – Supplier Relocation Community Discussion (27 April)


April 27, 2020

GSA held their weekly call with the moving and relocation industry to discuss COVID-19 policy and impacts.  Julie Blanford, the Director of GSA’s Employee Relocation Resource Center, led the call. 


GSA wanted to make sure people had seen their advisory announcing the 5% surcharge they are allowing on shipments due to the COVID-19 crisis.  Julie clarified that the surcharge applies to shipments tendered on or after 13 March until further notice.  The term “tendered” refers to the date on the work authorization or the bill of lading.  The 5% is added to those appropriate items on the invoice…it is not a 5% increase on your filed rates.  See the surcharge advisory with details on what the surcharge applies to.


Additional guidance is due out of GSA to clarify more details associated with the surcharge, as well as guidance on shipments tendered prior to 13 March, but moving during the Stop Movement.  If you have inputs you’d like to be considered prior to the next updated advisory, contact and provide her your feedback. 


Additionally, if the Stop Movement continues into the fall, GSA will expect TSPs to account for the increased costs during the next rate filing as opposed to via the surcharge.


The surcharge is applicable to all CHAMP shipments…individual agencies cannot opt out of it.  If an agency gives you push back on a surcharge item listed in the advisory, encourage them to contact GSA ERRC for guidance.  You can also contact Terri Shaffer, who is GSA’s lead agency engagement POC. 


Department of State recently reversed their position on stopping all PCS travel for their employees, and has stated they will now resume scheduling packout services and approve movement of personal effects.


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