Government Accountability Office (GAO) Releases Report on DoD “Movement of Household Goods”


April 10, 2020

GAO released their long-awaited report on their assessment of DoD’s Personal Property Program (DP3) and implications of transitioning to a single move manager under the Global Household Goods Contract (GHC).


This report was approximately 12 months in the making, and provides zero insight into how USTC believes the GHC can increase quality and capacity while decreasing claims under the GHC.  The report fails to address almost every key issue that was outlined by GAO in correspondence with Congressional offices.  Instead, the report shy’s away from any meaningful audit and focuses on USTC’s incomplete metrics associated with assessing the future program, and lack of standard internal controls when estimating the potential cost of transitioning to the GHC.  Neither of those issues were central to the original purpose of the audit. 

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