2023 FIDI Conference will take place in Bangkok, Thailand

The FIDI Board has the pleasure to announce that the 2023 FIDI Conference will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, at the end of March 2023 (exact dates will be announced shortly).

In light of the ongoing, COVID-related restrictions for international travelers still in place in Japan, the FIDI Board informed the FIDI community on 14 July 2022 that it was considering changing the location of the 2023 conference, originally planned to take place in Osaka. The Board feels it is important to ensure that all FIDI Affiliates and partners can attend this flagship event of our community, and Bangkok offers all the necessary requirements for a highly successful FIDI Conference. It is important to underline that this change in location does not have any financial consequences for FIDI.

The FIDI office and dedicated events team are finalizing the details of the event and will share more information in due time. The FIDI Board would like to thank the FIDI Asia representatives for their valuable help throughout this process.

For any questions or comments, please contact the FIDI Events team at admin@fidievents.org or the FIDI office at fidi@fidi.org.

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FIDI Academy launches Corporate Sustainability online training

The FIDI Academy has launched its new online training module on Corporate Sustainability.

This course is essential as corporate sustainability is gaining momentum with pressure increasing on companies to become more sustainable in all aspects of their operations. Companies that understand this and are quick to adapt have the opportunity to position themselves at the forefront, and reap the benefits of a clear competitive advantage. The course is composed of 5 modules covering the environment, social, financial, business/governance, and how to build your own roadmap. 

This course is free for all FIDI Affiliates.

Learn more about the corporate sustainability online training. 

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IAM | About IAM

The International Association of Movers (IAM) is the moving and forwarding industry’s largest global trade association. With more than 2,000 members, it comprises companies that provide moving, forwarding, shipping, logistics, and related services in more than 170 countries. Since 1962, IAM has been promoting the growth and success of its members by offering programs, resources, membership protections, and unparalleled networking opportunities to enhance their businesses and their brands.

IAM Fast Facts

  • In 2000, the IAM Young Professionals Group is formed.
  • The Alan F. Wohlstetter Scholarship Fund is established in 2002
  • Georgia Angell (Foremost Forwarders) is the first woman elected Chair of the Association, in 2003. She served for five years.
  • The Hall of Honor inducts its first class of industry leaders, including Association founders, in 2008.
  • In 2009, the Association changes its name from Household Good Forwarders Association of America, to the International Association of Movers.
  • In 2012, the Association celebrates its 50th Anniversary.


Our Mission

We strive to be the global champion for the moving industry by advancing the professionalism and operational excellence of our members.

Our Vision for the Customer Relocation Experience

Moving your goods becomes the easy part.

Our Values


We value teamwork. Together we are stronger.


We strive to excel in every aspect of our work.


We enjoy the journey and make sure our team and members feel appreciated and valued.


We celebrate differences, everyone is welcome.


We think big and never settle. We are not afraid to make mistakes.


We stand for what is right and hold ourselves and our members to high ethical standards.

What questions have IAM members asked about the association’s strategic direction and goals? Find out:

Do you have questions you’d like to add to the list? Contact us today at membership@iamovers.org!

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Pakistan floods lead to service disruptions for some FIDI Affiliates

Our Affiliates Homepack Freight International and Globalink Logistics published the following news releases, on Monday, 5 September.

Homepack Freight International:

Dear Customers and Partners, 

Recently, Pakistan has suffered nationwide flooding due to heavier than usual monsoon rains and melting glaciers. All staff members of FIDI Pakistan are safe. However, the floods have caused severe landslides, damage to transport infrastructure, and disruption to internet connections nationwide. In addition to domestic transportation in Pakistan, the floods have also impeded the transit movement between Pakistan and Afghanistan, Iran and the neighboring countries causing minimum 15 – 20 days of delays at present. Due to the transport taken over by NGO’S for flood relief operation, there are considerable delays effecting the normal operations, logistics.

Considering this disruption, please book all shipments to and from Pakistan and transit shipments to Afghanistan at least 15-20 days in advance, as domestic haulage, ports and airport infrastructure have been severely affected. Air transportation is also affected due to bad weather

Airlines / Vessels from different countries carrying FOODAID AND RELIEF GOODS is causing congestion, and space issues at ports and airports too!

We sincerely hope and pray that the situation to normalize soon. 

Globalink Logistics:

Dear Customers and Partners, 

Recently, Pakistan has suffered nationwide flooding due to heavier than usual monsoon rains and melting glaciers. All our staff members are safe. However, the floods have caused severe landslides, damage to transport infrastructure, and disruption to internet connections nationwide. In addition to domestic transportation in Pakistan, the floods have also impeded the transit movement between Pakistan and Afghanistan, causing 15 – 20 days of delay.

Considering this disruption, please book all shipments to and from Pakistan and transit shipments to Afghanistan at least ten days in advance, as domestic haulage, ports and airport infrastructure have been severely affected. Air transportation is also affected due to bad weather

We sincerely hope and pray that the situation to normalize soon. 

For questions or more information, please contact Homepack Freight International and Globalink Logistics.

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Affiliate Groups | About IAM

IAM serves an increasingly diverse membership and our members are constantly evolving, expanding the scope of their businesses, embracing—and often creating—the technology, logistics and special services that have come to define a “good move.”

As the scope of business expands, so does IAM’s “big tent,” supporting affiliate groups as diversified as:

  • The International Shippers Association, providing its members with lower shipping rates through preferred vendor discounts.
  • The IAM Logistics Network, providing networking for those members expanding into moving and storage of goods other than personal effects.
  • The Alan F. Wohlstetter Scholarship Fund and the IAM Young Professionals – organizations that focus on supporting and mentoring the young leaders of the Industry.
  • The Ladies in Moving Association (LIMA), one of a number of separate but closely affiliated organizations whose activities IAM supports and promotes.

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FIDI joins forces with five global mobility associations to lead the industry towards a sustainable future

FIDI joins five other leading employee mobility associations in a global effort to ensure the industry is playing its part on environmental sustainability. As part of the launch, the group signed a joint agreement that provides the Global Mobility industry with a roadmap and common actions towards achieving greater environmental sustainability. Joining forces in this effort are the CERC (Canadian Employee Relocation Council), CHPA (Corporate Housing Professionals Association), EuRA, FIDI Global Alliance, IAM (International Association of Movers) and Worldwide ERC (WERC).

“We are seeing many actions and initiatives promoting environmental sustainability in our respective sectors, which is great progress. Together, we aim to develop a common, collaborative framework to avoid duplicating efforts and maximizing our collective impact”, according to Mary Ann Passi, CEO of CHPA. There has been a growing focus on environmental sustainability in Global Mobility over the past year; Tad Zurlinden, CEO of EuRA, explains that “understanding and complying with the many different sustainability requirements is becoming increasingly difficult for stakeholders in the Global Mobility supply chain. With this agreement, we hope to streamline the process across our industry, allowing for meaningful actions and real, measurable impact.”

“We believe that close cooperation across the employee mobility industry is fundamental to achieving greater environmental sustainability for the benefit of people around the world”, underlines Lynn Shotwell, CEO of WERC. Jesse van Sas, Secretary General of FIDI Global Alliance, adds that “the Global Mobility industry has a very complex global supply chain, involving a large diversity of stakeholders. Through this cooperation agreement, we want to make sure that all parties are heard and participate in defining this sustainable future for our industry.”

To help structure the collaboration, an external consultant was appointed to assist in defining the framework and milestones of the Global Mobility sustainability roadmap. Following an RFP process, this project has been awarded to Deloitte, who will present the results during the WERC Global Workforce Symposium in Las Vegas, USA, at the end of October 2022.

“Deloitte has a strong experience in corporate sustainability, and extensive knowledge of the Global Mobility industry. Their assistance will be extremely valuable to structure our common efforts”, says Stephen Cryne, CEO of CERC. The process will include an industry-wide survey that each association will share with their respective members. “The success depends on the participation of all our members, across all Global Mobility sectors. We therefore count on everybody to contribute to this important project”, says Chuck White, President of the IAM.

For questions or more information, please reach out to Magali Horbert at magali.horbert@fidi.org

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Meet FIDI at the 2022 IAM Convention

After a two year hiatus due to the pandemic, the FIDI team is excited to be exhibiting again at the IAM Convention. Come by our exhibition booth nr. 147 (look out for the FIDI red booth!) to say hello and find out what is happening in the FIDI world. If you would like to schedule a meeting, please email lydia.cope@fidi.org.

  • FIDI 39 Club open door session at the FIDI Booth – Thursday, 3 November, from 12:00 noon to 2:00PM

The FIDI 39 Club Board is excited to announce the launch of its new FIDI Future mentorship programme and will be at the FIDI booth on Thursday 3 November from 12-2pm for an open door session to share details about the programme. This is an excellent development opportunity (exclusive to the FIDI community) for both mentors and mentees and aims to keep talent within the moving industry. The session is also an opportunity for you to meet FIDI 39 Club Board members and to learn more about the FIDI 39 Club, their services and upcoming activities. To schedule a meeting in a specific timeslot, please email 39club@fidi.org

We wish everyone attending IAM a successful convention!

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Secured digital FIATA Bill of Lading

Secured digital  FIATA Bill of Lading. Document icon on code surrounded by a circle

Bringing trust and security through digitalisation

Start issuing digital FIATA Bills of Lading through your everyday tools. 
Save time and money while bringing trust and security to your partners. 


Negotiable FIATA Multimodal Transport Bill of Lading (FBL) are now available in a secured digital format through TMSs and other platforms. FIATA members and members of FIATA Associations can easily issue secured digital FBLs through their everyday tools. Each document is registered on an immutable ledger and can be verified at any time by all stakeholders interacting with the document. 

Key benefits 

  • Save time and money – Issue digital documents within seconds and save money by avoiding costs generated by paper documents.
  • Optimise your processes – Issue secured digital FBLs directly from your TMS and avoid double data entry.
  • Bring trust and security – Give the possibility to your stakeholders to verify at any time: the validity of the eFBL, your identity as well as the document content integrity.
  • Achieve your sustainability goals – Embrace a green solution, help saving paper and unnecessary courier services.
  • Flexibility of format – Decide in which format you want to share your FBL with your stakeholders: in a digital format (PDF) or you can always print it if needed. 

Where can I issue secured digital FIATA BLs? 

Currently the below TMSs, eBL providers & other platforms have signed the agreement to implement the digital FBL. If your TMS/software is not listed, please contact FIATA and we will see if we can work with your platform provider to implement the service. If you have developed your own in-house solution, you can implement the solution directly on your system, please refer to the section “FIATA digital BL for software providers” to find out more.

How to start issuing secured digital FIATA BLs?

  • Fill-in the secured digital FIATA BL onboarding form 
  • FIATA will verify that your company fulfills all conditions to issue FIATA BLs (valid membership and valid liability insurance)
  • Pay your package of digital FIATA BLs
  • Start issuing secured digital FIATA BLs through your everyday tool

How can secured digital FIATA BLs be verified? 

Anyone interacting with the document can verify at anytime: 

  • The validity of the document
  • The identity of its issuer
  • The integrity of its content 

To verify the document, stakeholders can simply scan the QR code (if they receive a paper document) or upload the document on our verification page. This will give them access to the document audit trail. 

Secured digital FIATA BLs for software providers 

The eFBL data standard and the dedicated API to connect to FIATA to generate secured digital FIATA BLs are available for free to all software providers interested to implement this new service. 

The eFBL data standard is aligned with the UN/CEFACT MMT Reference Data Model to facilitate interoperability with existing standards and the different actors of the supply chain. 

The eFBL data standard and the API technical specifications are available on our GitHub repository

More information

Check our dedicated website for more information: www.efbl.fiata.org 

Contact FIATA for any questions: [email protected] 

Secured digital FIATA BL Terms and Conditions

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Supply Chain Issues Impacting the International Moving Industry

The IAM has published a White Paper and produced a video on the subject that will be circulated to governmental regulatory bodies, industry stakeholders and customers.

The intent is to expound on the wide-ranging impacts of this global crisis on the moving industry and its corporate, government, and private moving services consumers. It is IAM’s hope that this study will lead all parties to a better understanding of the problem and promote a collaborative environment where key players can find answers and solutions to this complex issue.

Both the White Paper and Video are available for you to download and use.  You can also copy this link:  https://bit.ly/2NGSrAY to direct your industry colleagues and customers to this page.  

The IAMX Resource Page on this subject is available.  This is an effective way to share the information with your customers and colleagues:  https://mx.mobilityex.com/scd-2022/

Join the discussion forum and let us know how you are affected and how the IAM can help.

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