Joint Association Letter – Emergency Financial Support Needed for the Defense Personal Property Program (DP3)


April 07, 2020

IAM and AMSA signed a joint letter to the USTC Commander, GEN Stephen Lyons, asking for any advocacy/assistance he could provide for this industry to work with DoD to get financial support (see letter).


GEN Lyons replied almost immediately and stated: “John/Charles, thanks for the letter.  I share your concerns and am supportive of finding ways to mitigate the CV-19 impact on the moving industry.  You can count on my advocacy.  I will ask the staff to look at your Section 4003(b) question and other potential options.  More to follow.  GEN Lyons.”


For those who haven’t heard, IAM and AMSA also petitioned Congress to secure funding directly for those in the moving industry who support DoD moves.  The final Act signed by the President did NOT include our proposed language.  We continue to push to find ways to help the industry find financial relief.


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