COVID-19 preventive measures enforced in Dominican Republic


March 18, 2020

From an IAM Member in The Dominican Republic:

Last night the president of the Dominican Republic, Mr. Danilo Medina spoke to our nation and declared a national emergency in our country in front of the impact of Covid-19 (Corona virus) in our island. Thus far there have been 21 cases detected with one death person. The first case of local transmission was announced as well.  These are the measures that will be enforced to stop the advance of the outbreak:

1. – Declaration of national emergency to be approved by our National Congress.

2. – Complete quarantine for the country. Closing of all our borders for 15 days. Tourists in our country will be allowed to go back home through ferry flights.

3.-Educational Institutions will be closed until April the 13rd.

4. – Closing of all restaurants. Home deliveries or take outs will be allowed.

5. – All kind of public events or spectacles will be suspended for 15 days.

6. – Suspension of all commercial activities which are not deemed as non-essential.

7. – Public Employees which are older than 60 years and considered of high risk will not be allowed to work and the rest of public employees will only work 50% of the time.

8. – Those essentials companies allowed to work like pharmacies, supermarkets, banks laboratories etc. will be required to operate with a minimum of employees.

9. – Private laboratories will be allowed to perform the Covid-19 test.

10. – New isolation centers will be habilitated.

11. – Limited access to hospitals and private clinics.

12. – Private clinics will be allowed to habilitate isolation and treatment areas.

13.- Social Security plans will cover the medical expenses of workers.

14.- Economical measures to assist hotels and other affected businesses.


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