CAM’s COVID-19 Resource Page and Canadian Update


March 27, 2020

The Canadian Association of Movers recently sent this communication regarding questions they are receiving from their members.

We have received an overwhelming number of calls and messages at our office asking for advice on whether movers should continue providing services in light of the pronouncement in Ontario and Quebec that movers and warehouse services are deemed essential services. 


CAM does not retain legal or business advisers.  It is not possible for us to issue a general statement that can apply to all movers because each company must make their own decision based on their own business model and ability to sustain their own company.  We are hearing that some members have chosen to shut down, while others are not accepting any new business at this time.


The rulings from ON and QC are not mandating that you remain open. The designation that moving and warehouse services are essential allows moving operations the latitude to remain in operation should they choose.


Every mover is different and not all movers are accepting moves due to COVID-19 virus.  If you do accept a move, assure the customer of the precautions you will take to protect them and your crew.  Advise your customer to avoid physical contact with the movers, limit people on site and provide hand-washing facilities for the crew.  Consider avoiding cash transactions to limit contact, by setting up credit card or other virtual payment.    


For the movers that want to continue providing moving services, you should ask each crew member if they want to work. No employee should work if they are ill, appear sick or have been exposed to anyone diagnosed as positive to the virus. You must take necessary precautions to protect your employees and should have by now come up a plan for daily interaction with customers and each other.


Also provide instructions on physical distancing, avoiding close or physical contact with consumers, and hand-washing protocols, including the various times they should be washing their hands and proper hand washing technique.  


For the movers that do not want to accept moves during this crisis, it is your choice to decline moving. You can ask your insurance agent about suspending coverage, and the CRA has delayed tax filing at this time. There may be loans available to help until work returns.


Notwithstanding the Prime Minister’s daily briefing and the Cabinet update, we are getting helpful information from multiple sources, including all of our moving association partners around the world.  Information is coming in quicker than it can be processed as multiple briefings are happening concurrently. 


Our office is a two-person operation.  It is overwhelming for us to manage and be able to get the necessary information to you in a timely manner especially as much of the information has recently been coming out at night.  Social media updates are now dated and time-stamped because the news is changing within the hour.


We have set up the COVID-19 section on our website.  We ask that you please go there first to see if your question can be answered before contacting the office.   The website is


I’m sure you must realize this is an unprecedented crisis; there is no rule book, and we don’t know how long we will be dealing with this. It could be months. We can’t control or predict this event, but we know this will not be business as usual. We will be updating our website as events occur to help movers through these difficult times.


Under normal circumstances, we would love to hear from you – but these are not normal circumstances.  We are doing the best we can and we appreciate your cooperation.


Comply with expert advice and government guidelines.  Be prepared, and most importantly, keep yourself, your family and your coworkers safe.

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